About Directors

Mr. Rohit Singh, Chairman, and Managing Director and Mr. Vivek Singh, Director started the company in the year 2000 with a very small fleet in Gwalior. They built the company on a firm foundation of safety, integrity, respect, and excellence to the last mile. From the humble beginnings of a single truck, the company under their leadership has grown to operate a fleet of 1800 + vehicles and has become a recognized leader in the nation for transportation of premier cars, scooter & bike, and other bulk transportations. Mr. Rohit Singh earned the image as a hardworking self-made entrepreneur in Gwalior and honored with the “Captain of Industries” award by the honorable chief minister of Madhya Pradesh Shri Shiv Raj Singh Chauhan for the FY 2011-2012.


Trade and transportation have been a major driver of human evolution. And with emerging globalization, logistics transportation is a major part of how the world operates today. Emerging, mature and international markets are now part of the growth strategy of a vast number of companies.

With the advent of eCommerce, the logistics industry has experienced a great impact with a supply chain that has multiple channels and is quickly changing in order to meet the needs of the consumer.

Improved technology has also increased productivity in the supply chain, minimizing costs and errors. These advances benefit all areas of the logistics industry – trucking transportation, international transportation, supply chain management, and shipment tracking.

In the next ten years, there will be exponential growth in the integration of intelligence with material handling equipment. Systems will also be better able to connect with the environment. Workers that are technologically savvy will be operating intelligent machinery while working side by side with autonomous forklifts and robots in operations that will be highly automated. With each activity leaving behind a digital footprint, supply chains will be more reliable, efficient, and cost-effective.

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The logistics industry is the backbone of any economy. The industry contributes 14% to the overall GDP of the country. It is expected that by the end of 2020, the Indian logistics sector will reach US$ 215 Billion.

The innovative and advanced technologies combined with effective operational models have provided increased efficiency.

Technology-wise, automation has a vital role in business process optimization. The business process software provides timely updates regarding the movement of goods. The operator and the client will get details regarding -the goods that are dispatched from the supplier, procurement of the goods at the warehouse, and lastly the delivery of the goods at the destination.

Accurate and strategic planning also plays a significant role. For this, transportation must join together with production to form a complex net of connections between consumers and manufacturers. There is a need to optimize logistics delivery routes and also reduce the cost of packaging. The industry is prone to a lot of accidents. These accidents carry a hefty price tag both personally and for the company in terms of insurance costs, lost time, productivity dips, and other negative consequences of injuries. Thus it is important to foster a culture of safety. Excessive driver training and frequent vehicle maintenance become important in ensuring safety.

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Quality and punctuality are important factors of any logistics operation. And in today’s day and age, logistics services industry, technology is fast transforming into a key driver for the fast and efficient working of the logistics industry.

IT systems help improve operational efficiency by tracking resources from when they are first obtained, such as raw materials, to their point of consumption. Companies leverage these systems to gain end-to-end visibility of their products or raw materials. Logistics information systems also help companies track internal information within a company by providing reports on inventory costs that determine how much more inventory needs to be purchased.

Advanced GPS technology also plays a major role in the industry. With the use of GPS mapping software, a driver can receive real-time driving directions while heading towards their shipping destination. Newer GPS software even allows drivers to get real-time information regarding the amount of traffic along their scheduled route, thus predicting the best route for transportation.