Drivers are the most integral part of any logistic’s operation. A skilled driver can greatly add to the efficiency and profitability of the overall transportation.

Recognizing this, we at R Sai provide specialized training services for drivers. The aim of the training is to educate the drivers on the knowledge of the vehicle and also inculcate conscious
and safe driving practices.

Each of the training session starts with prayer and physical exercise. This is followed by lessons on the various maintenance work to be carried out before loading the vehicle. They are taught
on the various checkpoints they have to carry out en route like pressure check, seal check and so on. They are also shown various safety videos on lane driving, night driving, overtaking and
so on. The training concludes with a set of verbal and written quizzes to check the proficiency of the driver.

Overall, the training helps the driver understand the vehicle better, carry out maintenance practices and thus undertake safe and cost-effective logistic transportation.