The integral part of every logistics company is its fleet of vehicles which lays out the foundation of its business model. It is crucial to take good care of the trucks and vehicles to ensure there are no unplanned vehicle breakdowns which in turn affects the delivery of shipments. RSai logistics, being the leader in long-distance logistics operations, have a well-defined, time-tested repair infrastructure in place that ensures seamless operation.

At R-Sai, we have set up a world-class parking yard with repair workshops at multiple locations to ensure regular repair and maintenance of our fleet of vehicles. Perioding maintenance is scheduled based on the type of truck that is used and regular training is provided to the truck drivers to check and report any issues while they travel. By focussing on preventive maintenance, i.e. maintenance activities aimed at preventing issues before it occurs, 98% of on-road breakdowns are avoided. Drivers checking for problems have the facility to report instantly for faster repair team assistance. Tyre pressure check, wheel alignment check, brakes efficiency, and basic electrical check are handled by the drivers.

Scheduled maintenance is also added in the calendar based on the age of the vehicle, the kilometers it has covered, etc. After perioding inspection, our world-class team of automotive mechanics and engineers do repairs or replace vehicle components for optimum performance and endurance. To provide on-road assistance, we have tow away cranes at the disposal of the team. We also have high-class machinery in our repair yards to undertake all mechanical, repair, and replacement works. The team is split into the engine team, body shop and body repair team, etc. for specialization. Our team also undergo continuous training to stay updated with the best industry standards and practices. The management performs regular inspections to ensure the quality of processes and all these combined ensures the best care for our fleet of vehicles in time and at reduced costs.